• Mint Price: 0.017 ETH

    • Collection Supply: 10000

    • Total Traits: 5


Shroomunchies is a 10 000 NFT collection accidentally created by Vog, the clumsy warlock cooking one of his many ill-fated magic potions. Well, this one worked, however unexpectedly and now Vog has 10 000 Shroomunchies rampaging his home and beyond. Long story short, he decided to find them a new home. Take one if you dare.


Launch and Minting:

Presale: 0.017 ETH per NFT.
Public Sale: Details to be announced (7 days in advance).
Community Building:

Launch of official social media channels: Twitter, Discord, Telegram.
Community engagement and growth through events, giveaways, and challenges.
Art and Reveal:

Continuous updates and previews of artwork.
Full reveal of NFTs and traits after the minting process is complete.
Rarity and Traits:

Introduction of rarity structure: rare, super rare, and unique NFTs.
Detailed reveal of traits and characteristics post-mint.
Expansion and Partnerships:

Collaborations with other NFT projects and artists.
Introduction of new features and utilities for NFT holders.
Future Developments:

Continuous updates and improvements based on community feedback.
Exploration of metaverse integrations and additional digital experiences.




5 people


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