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    • Collection Supply: 10000

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In a world where treasures are timeless, few collections rival the universal allure of numismatic gems – coins.Our ambitious endeavor aims to seamlessly merge this age-old passion with the cutting-edge realms of NFTs and Web3, heralding a dawn of digital collectibles unlike any other.Coins, steeped in rich history, beckon collectors with promises of rewarding discoveries. Whether driven by the allure of history, artistic expression, or the allure of investment, there's a coin for every enthusiast.Within our unique collection, every facet of coin collecting is celebrated, save for the ravages of time (scratches). Each coin carries its own unique tale – a legend – drawing inspiration from the world of cryptocurrencies and crypto trading.


Phase 1: Community Building
Objective: Establish a solid foundation and engage potential users.
Launch social media campaigns.
Organize webinars and Q&A sessions.
Initiate community challenges and rewards.

Phase 2: IMBA Token Launch
Objective: Officially release the project's native token.
Key Milestones:
Develop and audit smart contracts.
Conduct pre-sale events for early backers.
List the token on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Phase 3: NFT Release
Objective: Introduce unique digital assets to enhance user interaction and ownership.
Design and create unique NFTs tied to specific privileges or assets in the ecosystem.
Set up an NFT marketplace for buying, selling, and trading NFTs.

Phase 4: Games Development
Objective: Develop and launch interactive games that utilize IMBA tokens and NFTs.
Development Steps:
Conceptualize game themes and mechanics.
Develop beta versions and conduct user testing.
Officially launch games on the platform.

Phase 5: Game Tournaments
Objective: Engage the community and incentivize active participation through competitive play.
Tournament Planning:
Organize regular online tournaments.
Offer rewards in IMBA tokens and exclusive NFTs.
Gather feedback to improve game features and engagement.

Phase 6: Gift Shop
Objective: Allow users to redeem tokens and NFTs for physical or digital merchandise.
Establish partnerships with vendors and creators.
Launch an online storefront integrated with the token and NFT economy.
Offer exclusive merchandise that can only be purchased using IMBA tokens or NFTs.




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